How do I start using pCure in my organization?

It actually quite sipmple.

  1.  Identify how many toilets you have in your facilities

  2. Enter how many toilets you have in your facilities in while signing up.

  3. Select a pre-defined subscription plan or contact us if you want to customise one.

Once the first payment is confirmed, the first delivery will be sent and can be installed directly at arrival

How many pCure do I need to order?

The minimum order is one box. One box of a pCure contains 24 units. This is equal to one year of usage for a toilet and the easiest way to calculate how many boxes you need is to count how many toilets you have in your facilities. 

What is the minimum order for ordering pCure products?

The minimum order is one box of a pCure product. Each box contains 24 units that are ready for use directly upon delivery.

Can I make a one-time purchase?

Yes, it is possible to make a one-time purchase. Once you have created an account, you can purchase single boxes from the your account page 

The added boxes will be added to your next shipment if not specified differently.

What types of subscription plans are available?

We offer three types of subscription plans, monthly and annual subscriptions.

Annual plans can simplify your business operations and minimize transportation needs. The annual subscription offer some benefits which is detailed in the different subscriptions. 

We will suggest a predefined subscription based on how many toilets our customer selects during the sign-up process. 

You can update the subscription at any time from the account page

Can my company choose a customized delivery plan?

Yes! From the Account page, you can decide how many boxes of pCure you want to send to different locations. For help, please contact us and we will help you to get started with creating a customized plan.

How can I change where my boxes are delivered?

You can customize your delivery addresses from the account page.

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