We always strive to use boxes that are designed to have low impact on the environment (without compromising quality of our products.)

We achieve this by focusing on two major areas 

Lightweight design: A principle where we aim to create packaging designs where we reduce the volume, or type, of waste created from the products. This can be achieved by our choice of material or by designing more resource efficient boxes.

Recycled material: Our goal is to both use recycled material and to recycle material as far as possible. All our folding boxes uses carton made by recycled paper.

pCure has two different packaging layers for the products that are delivered to customers, retailers and offices:

  • Folding box (or consumer box)

  • Outer carton (sometimes referred to as Transport box)

Additionally, we sometimes use a repacking box so that we can optimise shipments to our customers. 

(Intersesting fact: The material used for the pCure folding boxes comes from a mill close to our manufacturing site. The mill uses recycled materials and give pCure its unique look. If you compare the folding boxes to each other you can see that they will have traces of the recycled paper on its surface. Every box will be different from the other.)

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