Medicines are here to stay

It is our desire that everyone can live long, healthy and comfortable lives. For this to happen, we sometimes have to consume medicines to treat pain, infections or other illnesses. The aim of these medicines is to release active ingredients (API’s), which have been designed to have be stable,  biologically active, and have certain effects in our bodies. 

Unfortunately, these very ingredients retain their properties and can have negative side effects when released into nature. 

A well known example is the rise of resistant strains of bacteria (antibiotic resistant bacteria) through our continued spread of antibiotics into our ecosystem. 

This worrying development is generating more and more concern in the healthcare community. Here is WHO:s article on the issue.

Residues road to nature come form daily consumption

Up to 80 percent of pharmaceutical residues that end up in the ecosystem come from the medicines that we consume and release into the sewer system via our toilets. A common misconception is that the biggest release is from other sources, such as production, but this is simply not the case. 

The creation of pCure

The concept behind pCure comes from combining four ideas into a product. 

  • Develop a product that enables us to treat water in previously unreachable areas: the nearby sewers.

  • The product must be readily available so that everyone can start contributing daily.

  • Use advanced biotechnology to develop bespoke enzymes that focus on harmful pharmaceutical residues.

  • Design the system to release the enzymes into the sewer system without complications arising.

Make use of nearby sewers

pCure works actively over its entire life cycle from the home, office or institution and through the nearby sewer system to maximize the impact of the product when it comes to breaking down the harmful pharmaceutical residues. 

Designing a product that we recognize

We are confident that we as people are at our best when all of society strives for commonly shared goals. Therefore, it is important that all parts of society can help contribute to minimize our environmental impact. 

The background for the decision to design pCure as a toilet rim block comes from the simple fact that it is a natural release system from daily toilet use. Conveniently, the product can be used in almost any toilet model, which eases the use regardless of where in the world you are. 

All pCure products contain a mixture of enzymes that have been developed for targeting harmful pharmaceutical residues. When using enzyme mixtures, we can take a flexible approach and continuously improve the products effectiveness based on our customers needs.

We expect that future advancements in block-formulation, enzyme development and overall product designs will only improve our customers contribution to a cleaner, and healtiher world.

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